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This page lists registration number codes from the AD series, a series allocated to the Gloucestershire area.Also included, where known, are the date periods that these car registration numbers were used in.The cheap Number Plates available in our database are very popular for drivers of quality or prestigious motor cars who just want to hide the age of the car with a cheap private registration number.You may find your car is getting a little older yet it's in wonderful condition and so deserves a more attractive car registration to bring it back to life.When applying for authenticated copies from record offices, archives , trusts or private collections , ensure that the information contains the VIN .Records without the VIN connection will not be accepted by the DVLA.So, for instance, a car with the registration number 638 GAD or TAD 512D would be a Gloucestershire-issued number.A car with just two letters, ie AD, would also be from this area.

All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated.

The dealer line 09 to request the date a vehicle was first registered will also close on 19 December 2014.

You’ll still be able to check this information over the telephone by calling 03 (which charges you at local rate) and confirming the vehicle’s make and registration number.

Retention of an old registration Number is entirely at the discretion of the DVLA.

Italian manufactured Vespas have a Number with a prefix beginning with the letter ‘V’ for both engine and chassis numbers.