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Why not quiz each other at your next sleepover and read out and compare your results?There’s endless fun to be had with these quiz games for girls! Who would you have dated back in the era of sock garters and sepia tones?To finally end this speculation, we put together this (oh-so) scientific quiz to determine who your old-timey boyfriend would have been. Pick up some dating tips from how women used to be treated...Find out your own personality traits and little secrets about yourself that you never could have imagined!Each quiz is great fun to play with your friends too.Dylan Sprouse Allegedly Cheated on His Longtime GF Things are looking good between Dylan Sprouse and his longtime girlfriend, Dayna Frazer.The pair started dating back in early 2014 and have been together ever since.

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A self-proclaimed One Direction fangirl, you might be surprised to find out that she’s never hooked up with a 1D guy (that we know of!The first season, a reinvention of the 1975 programme, was an unexpected hit for the BBC in 2015.STORY: Poldark's Eleanor Tomlinson reveals her best time-saving travel hacks Sunday night's episode saw the departure of Poldark's right hand man, Captain Henshawe.Someone you can adore and treat with mutual respect. (Um, no one, that's who.) And really, everyone loves a good quiz in addition to being treated like a quality man or woman.That is what we all strive for — to be treated like the very best version of ourselves.

Dating celebrities quiz