Dating day tours

Sure, some locations are more picturesque or have more “romantic” lodging options, but that doesn’t mean they are the perfect place for you and your sweetie.

Focus more on what you want to see and do and go from there.

Prepare to be transported back in time, this gorgeous city has panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valley, as well as ample history for you to explore and absorb, and architecture that will take your breath away.

Veliko Tarnovo is home to the magnificent Tsaravets Fortress, the strongest Bulgarian fortification from the Middle Ages.

The forces of nature resulting in overgrowth and collapse.

Recent times, unfortunately, have seen numerous acts of egregious looting.

The Incans built on and expanded the site beginning in 1450 AD.

Much of Pachacamac has yet to be excavated, and the site is currently dominated by the imposing Temples of the Sun and Moon.

The sprawling ruins of this ancient city are located north of Lima, in the Supe Valley.

Another fascinating pre-Incan archaeological site located near Lima is Pachacamac.

Dating to 100 AD, the ancient settlement was named after the creator god Pacha Kamaq, who was worshipped by the Wari people; the name translates to “he who animated the world,” or “he who created land and time.” After the Incan invasion, the Inca established Pachacamac as both an important religious and administrative centre.

Nestled on a high plateau between the settlements of Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa, Arbanasi Village provides spectacular views and incredible examples of medieval architecture dating back several centuries.

This tour is truly one for the enthusiastic history buff, and anybody that appreciates beautiful buildings, stunning scenery, and the opportunity to discover a little more about Bulgaria.