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suggestions on a daily basis – a veritable barrage of resumes either flooding their fax machines or pouring out of their e-mail inboxes– while those with similarly “top” daughters sit with pinched faces anxiously waiting for the phone to ring.The disparity is bare, bold-faced and veritably heartbreaking: In the resumes” (which never even existed as a concept when I was dating 35 years ago) fail to accurately capture the essence of the person being “summed up” and often–especially in the case of the girls– get lost in the shuffle.

It’s on a hinge and actually the right half can swing around, allowing room for the right wall to swing back revealing Sam’s office. It was hard in the first few episodes to see Ted Danson’s eyes. The guy who had the hardest job on the series was the prop master.

I know how fortunate my son is, and I feel for those who aren’t.

So, when one of the extraordinary women who organized this event invited me to participate, I was actually reluctant to attend. But because I like and respect this woman so much, and wanted to validate her efforts, I RSVP’d “Yes.” “How are you going to work this? “How are you going to ensure that all the girls get equal time? Is this process not going to end up even more demeaning than a resume?

I am a Professor of Visceral Surgery specializing in operations on the internal organs, in particular the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and thyroid gland.

My patients benefit from my decades of experience in this field, with the range extending from routine operations (hernias, etc.) to very complex procedures on patients with tumours.