Dating excuses

What I Mean: We’re having a girls’ night out to meet boys that are cuter than you.What I Say: I just got out of a relationship and am not ready to date yet.Ghosting -- aka the act of cutting off all communication with someone you've been seeing, but no longer wish to be seeing -- tends to get a bad rap as a hurtful practice perpetuated by cowards incapable of owning up to the consequences of their decisions or just generally being decent people.

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In which case, you can use your own penny-pinching habits to both a) avoid the date, and b) look, not rude, but financially responsible.

Once I understood that, I thought I’d be rewarded with a boyfriend in no time.

So when I’d first start dating a guy, I’d ask him what he was looking for somewhere around our third date.

When your partner repeatedly makes excuses for how they treat you, it’s only normal that you may start making similar excuses and echoing their sentiments. I drove them to act this way.” “They’re just stressed/tired/having a bad day/kidding.” “They aren’t usually like this.” “It’s not that bad.

At least they don’t hit me.” “They didn’t hit me that hard.