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This method goes beyond pairing basic zodiac signs, incorporating the position of planets according to signs (date), houses (time of day and location on Earth), and aspects (the angle between the planets) in order to assess the unique ways in which natal energies interact.

By poring over the myriad combinations of signs, houses, and aspects, synastry practitioners aim to provide unique insight into the path a relationship has already traced—and predict the orbit it may yet follow.

Because let’s face it, there are plenty of crazy females out there ruining it for the rest of us trying to find Mr. So we present (in no particular order), the top ten horrible women you (may) meet in Sacramento bars… She’ll hang out with anyone, anywhere at anytime – as they long as they supply her with a seemingly endless supply of nose candy. Does he have hard drugs, and how do I get him to give them to me?

Everyone dreams of the work party with free booze and naughty little tryst that comes along with flowing libations (Yes, we want our lives to be exactly like Mad Men. You’ll break up with her (jokes – you don’t actually date these women!!! and you realize you’re one of seven guys she’s “hanging out” with. She’s not really a “girl” per say anymore, but she would probably love if you referred to her as such.

According to astrology, every person has a natal chart, a celestial map that records the positions of all the planets in relation to one another at the precise moment of their birth.

These positions form a unique celestial energy that imprints on a person at birth and lasts for the rest of their life.

Any monetary contributions are to be arranged between the driver and the rider.

WSW and its members assume no responsibility in the event of accident or injury.

We are interested in maintaining strong minds and bodies. We use these funds to pay fees, provide paper products at our potluck events, and host an annual anniversary party. your pet, grandchild, children, etc is acceptable and must be posted in order to attend your first event with this group. This is a safety issue for those who do so and for those who attend. It is up to the person(s) looking for a ride to obtain one.

is “an award winning women’s leadership program featuring fast-paced, small group mentoring sessions – akin to speed dating – for women leaders and young women rising stars.” And the best part? Inspire Midtown is a women’s empowerment community made up of passionate, curious, and ambitious women who care about professional development, strengthening female relationships, and we believe another woman’s success is an achievement for all of us. titled “A Good Mentor Is Hard To Find.” This article sheds light on the dynamic that women face not just in Sacramento, but all over. Yet, it’s often a critical component of career advancement in today’s world.

After reading this Comstock’s article, it was clear that Inspire Midtown needed to bring Sacramento women together in the same room and create space for live mentoring.

We are a group of dynamic retired or semi-retired women over 45.

We live in the Sacramento area and are ready to star in the next stage of life.