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Well, since we have over 150,000 women over 50 in our community, I hope that we can help to answer this age-old question together.Is it best to go with something that reflects one of her passions?Our marriage site Elite will help you to find your second half!

Here is some advice for a woman going on a first date: Ladies, after you have been on your first date or two with a man, the rules change a little.

Be respectful of how you treat him, and be respectful of his wallet if he is paying.

If you respect him, he will respect you, and hopefully that will lead to a long and happy relationship together, lasting much longer than a few dinner dates!

It’s been a great night of drinks, dinner, and conversation, but the evening is coming to a close as the bill is finally brought to the table.

Questions start to flood your mind: Do I offer to pay?