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The popular name of the Fan District refers to the way in which certain streets radiate or fan westward from Monroe Park.Several of these streets originated as early 19th-century turnpikes or trade routes leading westward from Richmond like the Westham or Scuffletown Turnpike (now Park Avenue), the Westham Turnpike (now West Cary Street), Grove Avenue extended, Elwood Street extended (now West Main Street), and the Richmond Turnpike (now Broad Street).With the exception of 4 years from 1728 1732 when Peter II moved the capital back to Moscow until Empress Anna moved it back again: It was to remain the capital of the Russian Empire and the seat of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Court until the communist revolution of 1917.In 1918 the capital of Russia returned to Moscow from St Petersburg although at that time it was known as Petrograd, a name it had between the years of 1914 to 1924.Shops include 2 supermarkets, bakery, liquor stores, video rental, hardware, news agent, chemist (drug store), business centre, famous fish & chips, antiques, gifts, fuel, fishing tackle, dive fills, attraction booking offices, hardware, fashion, antiques, pottery and more Restaurants cater from cafe and bistro dining to award winning world class and even a vineyard restaurant nearby.Bars range from the famous Duke of Marlborough hotel to the Bay of Island Swordfish club.

Prior to the period of intensive late 19th-century settlement, the area had long been devoted to agricultural use and contained but a few scattered farm dwellings.

A large area primarily containing predominantly middle class houses of the Progressive Era, the neighborhood quickly became a fashionable address for socially conscious Richmonders and remained so until World War II.

Following a period of decline and neglect that reached its nadir in the mid-20th century, the area emerged once again in the early 1960s as an appealing and increasingly “gentrified” inner city neighborhood.

Russell was the first capital of New Zealand and one of the first European settlements.

The town is rich in history with a variety of shops and services that do not spoil the old charm.