Dating k zildjian cymbals

A note about cracked cymbals: Over time and usage, cymbals can develop cracks for various reasons.

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The information really comes from all the people who have contributed to discussions over the years.

We know Avedis Zildjian started production in 1929 in the Quincy, Massachusetts USA. Hard to see in this photo is the "genuine turkish cymbals, made in usa" but it's there, it's a complete logo.

This is a rough guide to help estimate the age of your cymbal. In the thirties Zildjian's most popular cymbal measured between 8 and 14 inch, weight paperthin, easily bendable. In the fourties Bebop drummers began to use larger rides and sizzle cymbals. First Stamp 1920s-1930s Very rare case of a misprint.

For this reason, we do sometimes sell cracked cymbals, and price them accordingly, hoping that you'll milk every last ounce of music possible out of them.

1929 Avedis Zildjian begins in Norfolk Downs, Mass. 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 Zenjian 1930s (for Leedy) 1936 1937 1938 1939 Avedis Zildjian moves to North Quincy, Mass. 1955 Large Stamps (3 types): Hollow Block (HB); Large with 3 Dots; Large without 3 Dots 1956 1957 Late 50s Small Stamps (two sub types A and B) 1958 Mounting Hole diameter goes from 7/16" to 1/2" ?