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As a perfect complement to your cigar, you can order the Porterhouse medium-rare and a glass of your favorite bourbon or scotch.Smokers here are treated with class and are welcomed into the outdoor seating area in the front where they can enjoy the picture-perfect weather.

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Before we get started, it’s important to note for the uninitiated that, for a brand to take on the cognac badge, it should really be the grape-based brandy coming out of western France or the Cognac region, specifically.

Later, tobacco use spread to Italy and, after Sir Walter Raleigh's voyages to the Americas, to Britain.

Smoking became familiar throughout Europe—in pipes in Britain—by the mid-16th century.

Imagine you’re at an out of town conference, or an after-work event and your boss invites you to hang out afterwards – a great opportunity to do some one-on-one or small group bonding and cement your personal connection to The Big Guy (or Gal).

Your boss is into cigars and suggests one of his favorite tobacconists for drinks and cigars. And because you’re not a 1920s bootlegger or Fidel Castro, you’ve never touched a stogie. This guide contains everything you need to know to identify, prepare, and enjoy the smoking of your first real cigar.