Dating method glaciation

It had spent more than 70,000 years affecting and reflecting the world's weather through periods of melting and growth.

One of the major advantages of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) methods over methods developed in the 1980's based on thermoluminescence (TL) is that the OSL signal is reset by exposure to daylight several orders of magnitude more rapidly.

The actual publication of Reuther is a throughout revised and condensed version of her dissertation connected to a major research project on surface exposure dating between the Alps and the Altai. The first part, covering about 40 pages, gives an introduction into the methodology, and general information about related calibration and interpretation.

The second main part of the work contains the detailed results from the chosen study areas, presented separately in four chapters.

For more recent periods, increasingly precise resolution of timing continues to be developed.

In 1957 Emiliani moved to the University of Miami to have access to core-drilling ships and equipment, and began to drill in the Caribbean and collect core data.