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Get caught kissing by your parents or your school principal? Kiss your crush in front of your entire family or not kiss him at all?

Make out with someone in front of other people or hiding in a car?

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It looked at relationship trends, shifting gender roles and social taboos.There is a surprisingly conservative attitude towards online dating: 94 per cent of British young people say they don't do it, and their European cousins are only marginally more liberated, at 92 per cent.Another stereotype-smashing statistic is the 94 per cent of British youngsters who say they never download ringtones for their mobile phones.Utilizing these sites is free, and provides a more natural way of meeting people than traditional dating sites.Dating DNA is the first service to address this trend, by bringing the convenience of sophisticated matching tools to these new social networking avenues. Dating DNA is 100% free and won't cost you a dime. This is a key difference from almost every other dating site where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your profile, and contact you.