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The summer, mountains, sunrise, room and a cup of coffee - this is how my ideal morning looks.But there is a charm apart in our checkered hills, or Chinese metropolitan cities, or maritime landscapes of the Maldives.Police said a woman died from carbon monoxide poisoning after inhaling fumes in a blaze, state television reported.President Vladimir Voronin urged an end to "destabilisation", but opposition leaders have backed the protests. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has urged all sides in the former Soviet state to refrain from violence, and Russia also voiced its concern.The three parties later denied accusations from Mr Voronin's supporters that were attempting a coup d'etat and reiterated that they believed the election result was fraudulent."We support the youths in their absolutely normal aspiration to counteract this rude election fraud," said Vlad Filat, leader of the Liberal Democrats.But there are two weeks in the year, when our Moldova is extraordinarily beautiful. That is the time when on the blue sky, the clouds are small, white and easy, the hills are of a consistent green, and rapeseed fields acquire an intense yellow color.The second week is during the warm autumn, golden and with no winds.

Towards the middle of summer, everything around loses its color and gets covered with dust.Mr Voronin said the authorities would "shed light on these events" and find out the identities of the organisers."But now we must think how we should act and what we should do because their key goal can be clearly seen," he said. They need bloodshed from the authorities." The president and Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii held talks with the leaders of the three main opposition parties - the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and Our Moldova Alliance. Wherever she goes she always looks for alternative spots or street art.A huge fan of Central Europe and off the beaten path places and a living proof that you can balance full time job and extensive travel!