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A while ago the source of seeds got changed around here, they have a different effect than the relaxing mellow glow that the old ones did.These are the seeds that where going around a few years ago they are bitter as hell and provide a stimulant kick that keeps you up and nods you out. if anything, i feel its much healthier than putting dozens of pills or street dope up my nose every day. ex: i use 16 ounces of water per 1.5lbs : If you sleep improperly and stress out the nerve in your elbow or hand you will experience a pervasive numbness in your hand. I had taken to calling it dumb hand because for days after I would barely be able to use my hand. its probably irrelevant, but i've been drinking PST made with 1.5lbs of seeds at least once a day for about 4 years. well except for addiction but i was already addicted. I've done PST at least a hundred times, but lately whenever I dose, I get pretty severe ice pick headaches on top of my head.

had my one kidney tested last year and despite 15 years of filtering various drugs n alcohol 24/7 its still kickin a-ok!

Could this be a neurological problem that requires medical attention? and Im currently on methadone treatmen at the beginning i got very very icepick like pain atop of my head. I was very paranoid too at that time but it got away also when my tolerance build up I was getting these for a while do to an underlying medical condition, the opiates made the headaches much worse do to rebound.

If I go to the doctor and explain why I'm there, I know I'll never see another pain pill for years, but if it's serious, then it's worth getting fixed up. They're probably from the thebaine I used to get them to and that's the conclusion I came to..that I've done it 10000 times they never show their ugly face anymore and it wasn't an Every time thing either And I posted my post before I ever read your post if that makes you feel better about what I said..sure way I have found to figure out how much thebaine is in your pst is if it is more of a stimulant for the first 6 hours or so then not so much so after that.... I definitely get rebound effects after the seven hour mark, including stomach upset, dizziness and just feeling generally shitty, but the headaches are recent. But who knows codeine can cause terrible headaches on its own, which I'm sure PST is full of.

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