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There’s a common belief that dating in the Big Apple is so impossible that the second someone relocates, they will be handed a Tiffany engagement ring and their future husband as part of the welcome package to Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis or Philadelphia. In 2011, my dad’s muscular dystrophy reached a point where it was important for me to move closer to Philadelphia, where I grew up.I was also single and exhausted from 10 years of bad dates and three long-term relationships which, in hindsight, seemed like a waste of time. Dating in the City of Brotherly Love proved leagues worse than in New York.

The problem with Chicago is people spread out so to go to other bars in Chicago so it's a little tough but thursdays is a main night to go out if you don't have anything to do.Many of our clients have reported positive experiences at this location with more than a few sharing they met their boyfriends there. If you take the right train at the right times, there is a good chance you will run into others who happen to be a “Friend of Dorothy”.Now obviously you will want to use caution and think about safety because public transit here in Chicago has sometimes had a history of problems.The one guy I ended up dating on a regular basis was the quintessential archetype of the man you don’t want to settle down with.Women say men in New York are arrogant and full of themselves.