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Science fiction stories can be novels, movies, TV shows, comic books and other literature. It can be about imaginary new science and inventions such as spaceships, time machines, and robots.

Science fiction stories are often in a world that is very different from the real world.

What are the differences between people that follow the Force, and those who consider themselves “Trekkers”?

How prevalent are they on e Harmony, and is there a difference in their online dating experiences based on this preference?

Many correct predictions of the future come from the hard science fiction subgenre.

For fans of the literary con, it’s been a great few years.

Under don Juan’s tutelage, Castaneda took peyote, talked to coyotes, turned into a crow, and learned how to fly.

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Much has been written about the slippery boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, the publishing industry’s responsibility for distinguishing between the two, and the potential damage to readers.

There’s been, however, hardly a mention of the 20th century’s most successful literary trickster: Carlos Castaneda.

The Matrix - It's a great film that's got something for everyone.

The Matrix is a unique blend of philosophy and some crazy action sequences.