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Dakota tribal wisdom says when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. As more people trust Christ, more people become involved in the Sunday school or the small groups of the church.

However, churches often find themselves trying other strategies. Further research has revealed that participation in Sunday school makes a dramatic difference in the assimilation of a new believer.

He has done well, and is obviously not done yet!!!! Sounds like they are doing the inside passage which is what we did. Thank you Mark for continuing to share Gods love with us 💞Barbara Duell-Costalas Thanks for all the sharing Mark. Our dynamic speakers proclaim the truth and authority of the Bible amid growing compromise, anti-God rhetoric, and secular activism.In churches and conferences in the US and around the globe, we are committed to stand uncompromisingly on the Word of God from the very first verse and to relate the relevance of a literal Genesis to today’s world.By contrast, only 16 percent were still active if they did not become active in Sunday school immediately after becoming a believer. Commenting on these findings, the researchers concluded: "With this type of data, one might expect churches to give high priority to getting new members involved in a small group immediately.We certainly found the formerly unchurched to have an enthusiastic view of small groups, particularly Sunday school ….