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— Listen: Dusty Springfield, "The Look of Love" 20.

One of the big reasons why relationships don't work out is because of lack of communication.

Lastly, come back next week for the best love songs of the '70s. Leonard Cohen, "Suzanne" (1967) "Suzanne" is probably Leonard Cohen’s most covered song after the notorious "Hallelujah." Yet it remains one of the most distinctive examples of the singer’s graceful style, spinning together biblical references, exotic ephemera, and glimpses of decay and unexpected beauty into an achingly complete tale of romantic longing. Nick Drake, "Time Has Told Me" (1969) The first track on the first album by this notoriously unhappy artist is actually a love song — albeit one written to "a troubled cure for a troubled mind." With its jazz chords and Drake's soft, lilting voice, it's a haunting song of gratitude for the one person who brings the singer some sense of tranquility. The Velvet Underground, "Pale Blue Eyes" (1969) Lou Reed's ballad to college sweetheart/muse Shelly Albin has the feel of a hangover — the complicated relationship leaves the singer so wrung out he can't help but be totally honest.

If you've got a blue-eyed better half, the words can't help but cut through you.

The loves, exes and relationships of Demi Lovato, listed by most recent. More About Age: 30 Birthplace: Brazil Profession: Mixed Martial Artist In late 2016, Demi Lovato began dating MMA fighter Luke Rockhold. More About Age: 32 Birthplace: Santa Cruz, California, United States of America Profession: Model, Mixed martial artist Also Ranked #7 on The Best Current Middleweights Fighting in UFC #4 on The Best Current Middleweights Fighting in MMA in 2010.

SHARLEEN SPITERI, singer A Town Called Malice The Jam Got to Give it Up Marvin Gaye I Feel Love Donna Summer These all blasted out of the radio that hung from the handlebars of my bike over numerous summers.To find someone to date you have to go where the action is.The Amish socialize at functions like visits, frolics, and church.— Listen: The Velvet Underground, "Pale Blue Eyes" 22.The Monkees, "I'm a Believer" (1966) Like so many people in love, "I'm a Believer" doesn't care if it's a little cheesy — it's positively euphoric, and it embraces that feeling unabashedly. Dusty Springfield, "The Look of Love" (1967) Has any pop single ever taken longer than "The Look of Love" to stoke a fire of anticipation?