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Therefore, if somebody had been inhospitable to a traveler, even the relatives of such a person would have despised him.

Turkmen have always considered bread and salt sacred. The respectful attitude toward seniors is also based on ancient traditions.

We stay as guests of a local community in Nohur, reputed to be descended from the armies of Alexander, then travel through the remarkable canyon landscapes of Yangikala to the pilgrimage site of Gozli Ata, where we spend the night in the company of local pilgrims.

From here we head to the Caspian Sea before flying to Dashoguz and visiting the UNESCO listed site of Konye-Urgench, evidence of former glories of this fascinating region.

It is considered as acceptable not to help them, to argue with them, to look at them frowningly or to show discontent, to wait for their gratitude for the rendered service or to remind of it. Turkmen saying runs: "Gold and silver do not grow old, the father and mother are priceless".

The father as the family head has the right to evaluate his children's behavior and is obliged to protect them.

Its fundamental provision includes peacefulness, non-interference in the affairs of other states, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and not participating in international military organisations and treaties.They buried their dead in elaborate graves filled with fine jewelry, wheeled carts, and animal sacrifices. News of this lost civilization began leaking out in the 1970s, when archaeologists came to dig in the southern reaches of the Soviet Union and in Afghanistan.Their findings, which were published only in obscure Russian-language journals, described a culture with the tongue-twisting name Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex.Hospitality is a distinguishing feature of these friendly people and old well respected Turkmen traditions. The cloth with food on it is considered sacred and it is a sin to step on them.Turkmen often judge a person by the way he treats his guests. " and besides that such ritual phrases as: How happy we are to see you! Before eating everyone according to tradition should praise the Lord.