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[ 29, -5] You can tell he's a kind person at heart 8.

[ 28, -1] Maybe he's bi, or because he's so close with female idols but never gets into scandals with them, these gay rumors keep circulating 9.

[ 1,138, -74] He gives the impression that he doesn't think through his life much but he actually has deep thoughts.

Pour faire ce voyage, nous sommes passés par un tour-opérateur local avec qui j’ai organisé depuis la France la boucle exacte, la réservation des logements et de la voiture. Car chaque réservation depuis la France entraîne des frais bancaires.

Le paiement s’est effectué auprès du tour-opérateur afin d’éviter la multiplication de frais bancaires.

Breasts, and the bigger the better, preferably of the gravity-defying sort which seems to be the style regardless of size. For men, perhaps it’s all about the “package,” to be interpreted as you will, along with the fat wallet.

And if you don’t inherit what’s in that wallet, it’s up to you to fill it, using your brains, your skills, and your determination.