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There’s a babe out there willing to put you up and all you have to do is look good.

Being the Fashion Hound requires my utmost focus on appearing upbeat, confident, sassy and totally kickass tough. “I click on an envelope icon and read a random note. Go pimp yourself to the cause, go get into the Trophy Husband sweepstakes.

The fact of the matter is, I AM WHO I AM and who I am is a dork full of waffles (??

real talk I don’t have an idea, but I will regale you with some words that will maybe help. I can’t NOT be a dork waffle, so I spent a long time learning to accept my dork waffliness.

Unless you can send some pretty young things my way, this girl is going to have to be over and out.” I place my palms together in a plaintive sort of plea, then we stop rolling, and I exhale. Then I notice a few other subject lines: TH project, regarding trophy husband, I’m a candidate. Then the video cuts back to Chris and he says, “Dudes, don’t sit there and watch me any longer.

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But, most of her best ideas were stories she told herself while falling asleep.Find out in ICU Dating Series' seventh episode, Insanely British.Have you ever been out with someone and not realized it was a date until the other person pointed it out to you? ” He gives a cursory thumbs up, and walks out to his car, parked in front of my house. He hasn’t gotten over his little snit fit from last week, evidently. I head inside and pull my phone from my back pocket. I wonder if I have an email virus, something that sends spam with abandon to my email address. Would love to see you anytime.” I open the next one: “I could be your arm candy anytime.” Then the next: “I have been waiting my whole life to be kept.” Finally, I reach the top message in the queue. For those of you new to the show, this is where we step away from the console, from the computer, and we talk about, well, you can figure it out from the title. There’s a hot chick out there in the video blogosphere who’s looking for a man to keep. Huddled in a stall, too scared, too embarrassed, too damn wrecked to leave? Chris finishes the moves and then says to the camera, “All right, I’ve heard you clamoring for another segment of Games People Play.