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So, when a woman appeared recently, and suggested (non-verbally) that we might enjoy a roll in the hay, just for the fun of it, I was a bit taken aback.

I knew this was but I had not had the pleasure of actually meeting one until now. And to her, I was an attractive, healthy, and willing younger man.

She confessed to having lied on her OK Cupid profile—she wasn’t 49. To me, casual sex means neither partner has any intentions or expectations about the future of the relationship—the complete opposite approach that I’ve taken in all my writing, where I’ve focused consistently on long-term goals.

I’ve laid out my expectations for dating someone and growing that into something resembling a relationship.

First, take a small piece of paper, a piece of money will work as well. Pretend to walk away, then the girl will call you back asking for her money.

Leaving your love life to chance will leave you weeks, months and for some men years.... Leaving your love life to fate is like saying that you are hungry, and you want food in your refrigerator, but you are unwilling to go to the supermarket to buy some.Most men don't have a conscious understanding on how to meet women.Society teaches us that it's suppose to "just happen". Most men never develop the confident social skills or understanding on how to turn a conversation with a woman from "Hi" to a date. You will learn how the human mating process works, how to take conscious control, and meet plenty of women until you find "the one".Also, you will be taught how to have such a strong impact on a woman, that she will be compelled to see you again.Of course, you must take action after you learn what I teach you, and not let your fear rule you, or none of what you learn will benefit you.