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This paper investigates the personal experiences of hearing adults with signing Deaf parents in their families, school, and society.In order to obtain relevant information, in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 Cypriot hearing adults with Deaf parents between the ages of 21 and 30 years with different occupation, sex, and educational background.

This study has implications for Deaf parents, and professionals working, planning, and implementing social, psychological, and educational support services to Deaf-parented families.These services are an essential part of our charitable mission.The department is divided in four divisions: Through direct support, we assist deaf/hard of hearing individuals by meeting with them one-on-one. " Blog topic written by Hannah Mann As I've mentioned in another post, I grew up with the impression that deafness was this great obstacle to be overcome, to be excised out of my daily life as much as possible. Cued Speech is a communication mode that visually represents an existing language in real time. Blog topic written by Le Ann Caseria This morning I helped my youngest pack our old Toyota as he left for his 2nd year at University, new dorm, new roommate and part-time job, new classes and new people to meet. "Cued Speech isn't a language." Blog topic written by Hannah Mann …and it doesn't need to be.