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After one thread gets the result for the current row in its column, it calls this procedure. It's a visual component, and as such is not thread safe.You cannot access VCL components from a thread without using Synchronize or Queue, which means all updates happen in the context of the main thread.When owners of cars built by Tesla (TSLA) rhapsodize about the many ways they adore their ride, they frequently praise over-the-air software updates that add features or improve their car's performance in the same manner as their phones.Incumbent carmakers have been slow to integrate OTA software updates into their designs, though that's changing as computers play a bigger and bigger role in every vehicle's functionality.Among the startups allied with Delphi are Israel-based Valens, Israel-based Otonomo, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik , based in Germany, Control-Tec in Allen Park, Mich., and Movimento in Plymouth, Mich.General Motors (GM) , which has been updating its On Star communication system OTA since 2009, said that "with 4G LTE (wireless communication) in our vehicles, we are looking at additional opportunities that will give us the capability to upgrade vehicles post-purchase to create more value to our existing customers." In July, Ford (F) announced it was introducing what it called a new "SYNCH 3 connectivity platform" for its models that in the future will enable "over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi (to) help ensure it keeps up with the latest technology." Mark Dahncke, a spokesman for Volkswagen's (VLKAY) Audi luxury franchise, said the company currently does "OTA updates for our navigation systems.

Mary Gustanski, Delphi vice president of engineering, said, "We can array and scale however much or little the carmaker needs, whether its for a new model or to modify one that has been in production for some time." Incumbent carmakers, she said, don't have the same edge as Tesla, which has designed its models from scratch to incorporate an abundance of computing, software and updating capabilities.All of the functions are going well but when a user is editing the database from the program, the other user cannot see the content immediately.The other user needs to close the program and reopen it for the data to appear and its be updated with those changes form the other computers. :-) But you need to post the relevant code, not the code from every single form in your application, and reduce the code to the part that retrieves data from the database and populates the grid and the code that edits the data, and nothing more. Specifically, you're having trouble with the Consistency and the Isolation, which ensure that an external viewer never sees an update before it's finished, even if that update contains more than one change.There are dozens of questions here about threads and VCL components, as well as the large comment block that the IDE adds to the generated source when you use `File- is a visual control.The threading rule for visual controls is that all access to visual controls must be made from the main GUI thread.