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And that was enough to turn this hole-in-the-wall into an obsession of the alt-right, a loose collection of white nationalists and sympathizers who have ardently supported President-elect Donald Trump.

A Reddit page topped by a President Trump logo is rich with charges that Comet is the red-hot center of a Democratic sex ring that operates under the code name, you guessed it, “pizza.” Responding to a thread of slurs about a pizzeria cum child-sex-trafficking ring, a Reddit user asked of an alt-right-friendly news site: “ The answer is mad, and thousands are.

It was a ‘telekura’ club (‘tele’ from telephone, ‘kura’ from ‘kurabu’, or club.) The experience was a revelation, to say the least.A friend of Podesta’s sent him an e-mail asking if he wanted a handkerchief that had “pizza-related” drawings on it, whatever that means, returned to him.It was a small leap in today’s mash-up of news, fake news and craziness from the handkerchief to the headline, “How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite.” Never mind that Alefantis has never met the Clintons.Jim finds only the sluttiest wives on the streets and dresses them like sluts before fucking them like whores.If you like to see British Sluts dressed up like whores and being fucked by dirty old men like Jim Slip, then you will love this free blog.