Diablo 3 updating setup files error

If not, or if you keep seeing this error, log in to and install Diablo III digitally" - If you downloaded the installer digitally, this error indicates that it did not convert the files correctly.This can often be caused by closing the downloader early.Please obtain a new copy of the program" What does that mean in practice?The net result is that I am unable to update VS Code.

Account Hacked Blizzard or game account hacked or compromised.Using the program Swiftshader can successfully load the game even on extremely low powered machines.For example, the game can be run on integrated graphics as low powered as the Intel G41, albeit at extremely low frame rate. This means that no license is attached to the account, a problem with many users in Asia. This message means that the login servers are at full capacity.However, it is possible to force the game to run on any video card (even if it does not meet the minimum specification of the game)...you decide to do this and have terrible performance as expected, please do not contact us reporting it.We know the unsupported cards aren't going to perform well and there's nothing we'll be able to do to remedy it.