Distinguish between relative dating and radioactive dating

(The exact origin of the Earth's magnetic field is has not been established.) For readers who may not be aware, the Moon provides important timing functions for tides to control Earth processes.Without tides, it is believed that the world's oceans would have almost no life, drastically affecting the food chain for our planet.Geological analysis relies mainly on chemistry, physics and mathematics. a'a' lava - basaltic lava characterized by a rough or rubbly surface composed of broken lava blocks called clinker.A-horizon - The uppermost layer of a soil, containing organic material and leached minerals.Then, when a piece gets big enough to have significant gravity, it starts "sucking up" neighboring smaller pieces to grow but, because the gravitational force is spherically symmetric (i.e.it is equally strong in any direction the same distance from the object), it tends to maintain a basically spherical shape as it grows.Am I right that planets tend to be generally spherical?

Initially, very small stuff (dust size) sticks together by colliding and since this is a random process, is just as likely to stick a little piece on any part of a larger piece with which it collides; therefore the initial "seeds" tend to be roughly spherical.

alkaline - Term pertaining to a highly basic, as opposed to acidic, substance.

For example, hydroxide or carbonate of sodium or potassium.

suppose there were a crazy architect who wanted to build a conical monument or perhaps working structure on the tip instead of at the wider base, and without any outside support beams.

could the building be supported by a massive internal gyroscope?

Distinguish between relative dating and radioactive dating