Django syncdb not updating

Is there a way to set the collation of a Postgres database (for Django)?file to document that your app has no dependencies.

You can also add your own settings here, if needed.I was trying to recreate them, but mysql told me my problem was similar to you but it was a little different, the phpmyadmin table drop down (which appears on the left) was showing me 11 tables while on the right side only 10 tables were visible, i dont know what was actually the problem may be a bug with phpmyadmin or a bug with mysql but anyways i solved the problem long ago, but using the method you marking your answer as selected :) I had the same problem and can't get a good tip for this over the web, so I shared this for you and for all who needs.This is due to the fact that uninstalling a distutils project will only partially uninstall the project.Uninstalling Django-1.4: Successfully uninstalled Django-1.4 Successfully installed Django-1.9 and now get this error: # PYTHONPATH=Installed graphite-web.0.9.15 from epel 7 repo you recommended.