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Shankar, who recently released anime video game adaptation "Castlevania" on Netflix, confirmed to Too Fab that Salling has been replaced by Bridgette Nielsen, which was reported earlier by Variety.

"Bridgette really brought it and this is going to be another breakout role for her," he said of the '80s star ("Red Sonya," "Beverly Hills Cop II"), who Too Fab readers may also remember from her VH1 reality show days spent dating Flavor Flav on "The Surreal Life" and "Strange Love." Production on the secretive series, which doesn't have a network home yet, went on a long hiatus last year after Salling's arrest before production resumed to reshoot Salling's scenes with Nielsen, who plays a "Gods and Secrets" villain.

He's has also been a recurring character in NBC's television series, The Blacklist as Matias Solomon, an operative for a covert organization.

Gathegi reprised the role in the 2016–2017 season crime thriller, The Blacklist: Redemption.

He enrolled in an acting class and immediately fell in love with the art.

He studied acting at New York University, and soon after began landing high-profile roles on television shows like Gathegi attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, as an undergraduate with the intention of playing basketball.

However, his life dramatically changed when he blew out his knee during training, subsequently ending his athletic career.

As a result, Gathegi became depressed and decided he wanted to take, what he considered, an easy course.

Kellan Lutz, Denise Richards and Jane Seymour are other familiar faces mixed in the cast, which also includes Jackson Rathbone, Edi Gathegi, Sharni Vinson, Derek Mears, Alyson Stoner and Chaz Bono.

Still grieving over his wife's death and emotionally distanced from his two young sons, detective Aidan Breslin is faced with a mind-twisting case of a serial killing spree in 'The Horsemen' trailer.

Edi gathegi dating