Emily haines is dating

If you're interested in the dynamic between them and the rest of the group of musicians associated with BSS, you should pick up This Book Is Broken: A Broken Social Scene Story, as it has a lot of quotes talking about the back and forth, in and out of love, friendships and frustrations in their relationships. t=1099 CXCW8/UQe3yj V3TBI/AAAAAAAAE2g/KWw Gti AOE7k/cwlongblackcoatwithhuge4.jpg?

There have been a couple random mentionings about Emily and Jimmy's past in clips on youtube, but you'd have better luck with info reading that book honestly.

During their time at ESA, Haines and Millan formed their first band together (around 1990), and she also briefly dated Drew.

Haines attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver between 19, and Concordia University in Montreal between 19.

Both lead very private personal lives so it's hard to tell more details on their current states.

As far as we know, Emily and Jimmy have not been in a romantic relationship for many years now, not since the early days of Metric and Broken Social Scene.

There she met Amy Millan and Kevin Drew, with whom she would later collaborate in Broken Social Scene (co-founded by Drew), a musical collective.Expensive, humiliating and horribly time-consuming” — Kate used to dread dating but last month the 26-year-old time-poor solicitor discovered a speedy way to meet prospective suitors without even leaving her sofa.Within three days of using the Tinder app she had seven dates set up.Emily Haines is a Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter.She is the lead singer, keyboardist and songwriter of the band Metric and a member of Broken Social Scene. Her sister is the Canadian television journalist Avery Haines and her brother is Tim Haines, owner of Bluestreak Records in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.