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This means he must be intent upon fasting at that time, even if he later became heedless of his intention due to sleep etc. * As for Mustahab fast one can make its niyyat at any time in the day, even moments before Maghrib - provided he has not committed any such act which invalidates the fast. * If a person sleeps before Adhan for Fajr prayers in Ramadhan or any other day fixed for an obligatory fast without making a niyyat, and wakes up before Zuhr to make a niyyat of fast, his fast will be in order.

But if he wakes up after Zuhr, as a precaution, he should continue with the abstinence with the niyyat of Qurbat and then give its qadha also. * If a person intends to keep a fast other than the fast of Ramadhan, he should specify that fast; for example, he should specify it as the qadha fast or a fast to fulfill a vow.

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The same rule applies if he learns after Zuhr that it is the month of Ramadhan.Members are free to create their own or join any of the existing chat rooms.There are theme rooms for every imaginable fetish or join one of the local communities to chat with members in your area.BDSM CHAT contains adult chat rooms and other adult content and is strictly for 18 years and over.If you are under the age of 18 and you have questions about BDSM you can find very good information and ask your own questions at