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is a MUST-READ for any woman looking to build a strong and lasting partnership.Author Amy Leigh Mercree wisely suggests you can’t play games to find your soul mate but rather, you have to find and be your authentic self.This irreversible transformational process is a modern expression of the ancient Vedic Science of Enlightenment dating back to ten thousand years.Can you imagine what your life would be if you had the breakthrough needed to create an extraordinary life now? Thousands are discovering a phenomenon of quantum awakening.

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Many people are choosing to honor their body, mind and spirit in every aspect of their lives.

Of course, not all of this is based on religious beliefs.

In many cases, it’s simply a result of holistic personal growth and/or choosing to practice self-care.

They want someone who will take them out on adventures and show them the magic that is the wonder of life…

Inner Awakening is about not waiting for life to happen to you, it is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health.