Estelle dating kanye west

Estelle's performing credits include a Grammy win for 'American Boy', her collaboration with Kanye West.

She also scored a number one hit on the Billboard Top 200 with Conqueror, the epic duet with Jussie Smollet, and a recurring cameo role on the Fox Network series Empire.

Weather channel: It's going to get up into the mid-30's this afternoon but it'll still feel like it's in the teens.

Kanye West has enjoyed one of the greatest ascents in the history of hip-hop.

She is also a featured character on the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe.

Her 2008 collaboration Come Over with Grammy winning artiste, Sean Paul was a huge crossover hit.

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Estelle stops by the show this week to chat with Rocsi and Nina about her new single "Love Like Ours," what its like to work with Kanye West and John Legend, the role Estelle's parents had in her music and her approach to social media. It's only been a couple days, and she's at home resting... And that's why it's the perfect time, to mess with her head... Unfortunately, that happened to one of our listeners, and he's not waiting another minute to find out why.

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