Excel 2016 consolidating data

The worksheet had responses scattered all over it .

The customer first combined all the survey sheets using the Consolidation Assistant into one workbook, with each sheet renamed from "survey" to the manager names.

I have Excel 2016 installed on Mac, and this app works like a charm.

The Consolidation Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel is designed to help you consolidate data from multiple workbooks or from multiple worksheets.

When you work with Merge Tables Wizard, you can choose the following options to get the expected results:• Add the rows from the lookup table that are not present in your first table to the end• Add or insert rows with duplicate key column values• Update only empty and new cells in the main table• Update the first table cells only if the corresponding cells from the lookup table contain data• Add the Status column that will mark the changed rows as Updated, Duplicate, Matching, New row, etc. 5 weeks later, still no responses on the help forums as to why that might be.

• Automatically change the background color of the updated cells in your main list.

Linking two worksheets together means using references to cells in an external worksheet to bring data into your worksheet.

Next, he used the extract feature of the Consolidation Assistant to extract values from the same cell on each sheet and place on a new worksheet, which became his database worksheet.

In this tutorial we will show you how to consolidate multiple worksheets into a Pivot table using Excel.

Consolidating means to combine or summarize data from two or more worksheets.

The worksheets do not have to be in the same workbook.