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Whenever we update our desktop apps, we send out a banner notification to give you the option to update.If you ignore the update (or hit X by mistake - hey, it happens), you can still manually force an update on the native and chrome app.There are some product details that we do not let you update.We consider the category, comfort level, age rating, ratings board, and price to be fundamental properties of your app.Recent changes to Convox Rack break backwards compatibility with these apps, causing problems if they are deployed.This guide explains how to identify old apps and deploy new ones to replace them.All brand or trademark listed herein are for identification purposes only.

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In my work at Build.com, I’ve upgraded our React Native app from version 36 to version 45 over a couple big projects.

When you upload a new build of a published app to the Store channel, the update gets processed immediately.

If it passes the upload validator, it is automatically deployed to all users as an update.

Congratulations, you’ve written your first React Native app and users are downloading it from the store. You should do your best to regularly update to the latest version of React Native so that your app can benefit from the new features and improvements to speed.

New versions are released monthly and breaking changes are common.