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Current members of AMTA also receive access to member-restricted pages and documents when they log into the website.Once you log in with your email address and personal password in the upper right hand corner of the home page, the system checks to see if you are a current member and then allows you access to member-restriced pages you are trying to access.Windows Firewall Configuration Provider Having done this, load up the command line (cmd) with administrative priviledges (search for and right click to get this option).

If you're not able to retrieve your password through the lost password feature, you may call the AMTA office during telephone hours and we can help you find or reset your account.

How is the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) different from what was in place under revenue limits?

(Revised 04-Dec-2015) One of the goals of the LCFF is to simplify how state funding is provided to local educational agencies (LEAs).

The important thing is to make sure that you have the “allow installation and restarts” option set to Yes in order to see things happen right away.

If your environment has maintenance windows established, leave it as is and wait for the maintenance windows to occur.