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Jeff Ashton, the incumbent, said the money was a “hostile takeover of the criminal-justice system” by Soros. Stephanie Porta, executive director of Organize Florida, said Ayala’s victory was the result of “a lot of pieces coming together,” including a broad desire among voters for change.

Dinkin said the group helped Krasner with strategy and organizing, and knocked on 70,000 doors for the Democrat in the last three weeks of the race.

A coalition of liberal groups also got behind Aramis Ayala of Orlando last year, when she knocked off the incumbent state attorney for Orange and Osceola Counties as a reform candidate, stressing, in particular, the need to stop arresting large numbers of juvenile offenders.

But prosecutors have increasingly won election on just such promises of reform across the country in the last couple of years, thanks to a political sea change in voter attitudes toward crime and justice — and big infusions of outside cash from liberal billionaire George Soros.

The activists are capitalizing on what polls show is increasing skepticism of the death penalty and mandatory minimum prison sentences, as well as outrage over police shootings of unarmed black people. “Voters increasingly see the system as expensive, punitive, and a failure.” The Pennsylvania chapter of WFP was with Krasner from the start, before the Soros PAC’s independent spending.