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Learn more It is important for you, as a major influence in the lives of young people, to join in the battle against youth suicide.

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We are working to build freedom in a digital society and operate in a lively environment with volunteers from many countries.

We are looking for an intern to join our remote team for three to six months, working with us on a project which seek to prepare the organisation for the next 15 years of work.

It takes years of commitment, backed by a track record of quality and performance, for a company to earn a leadership position in this competitive market. As one of America’s leading deep foundation specialists, Case Foundation Company has the resources and experience you need for the performance you expect.WISE® is staffed by dedicated, enthusiastic team members with years of experience in working with international participants.WISE® staff are well qualified to assist program participants in all phases of the program in order to ensure a meaningful and memorable experience. Please support our efforts: your donation helps us to deliver a better product!If you are one of the volunteers contributing to the Libre Office or Document Liberation projects, you should consider the opportunity of becoming a Member of The Document Foundation, by filling the Application Form.