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Not sure if she also goes by another name (Gail) or what. Who joins a new meetup and right away sends plugs for their own project? It's started some pretty long, snarky threads on the mailing lists to the point where I had to unsub from one.Oh, if you're worried that you missed the April 8th deadline, don't worry: the last email I got from them was on the 11th.Slack channels such as #startup by Startup Foundation, Online Geniuses and Founded X have a large network of entrepreneurs and founders that you can share startup notes with.Growth Hackers is a community for everything and anything on startup growth, including all aspects such as social media marketing, blog, sales, e-commerce, etc. Neira: Dating Latam aims to bring Online Dating to the still nascent Spanish speaking Latin American Market.Our big bet is that any middle class single over 30 years old in any Latin American country, has enough purchasing power to buy a US$ 8 subscription (which is roughly what a movie ticket costs).You can ask the community questions about the description of growth hacking and emerging and declining growth channels.

As of July 2014, startups launching on Onevest had collectively raised over million.On April 23, 2013, Onevest announced the addition of Barbara Corcoran to its Board of Directors.Barbara is one of the “Sharks” starring in the ABC TV show Shark Tank, where she has personally invested in over 20 startups.If you know anything about startups and startup life, you know that it’s no joke and every single minute you spend is valuable.Information, feedbacks, advice from industry leads and thought leads are few other important attributes for startups and when you have a simple idea, validation is so important. Well, be thankful for the Internet, for various online communities and forums on different areas and topics.