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We also provide classes for Hard of Hearing students.

We provide day and evening courses for Deaf Adults nationwide.

The NFQ – the National Framework of Qualifications – has ten levels.

The more difficult or specialised a course, the higher the level.

The day concluded with a presentation by the women of SAOL who talked about the impact of winning an AONTAS STAR Award.

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We have a step-by-step guide to help you before the test. Take the day off Book the day off work and clear your schedule so you […] If you have decided to do an accredited course, one of the first things you’ll need to know is where the qualification falls of the NFQ.

- The quickest and most convenient way to purchase an OPW Heritage Card is to buy it at the one of these sites listed (Please click of the following link) List of Heritage Sites where you can purchase the Heritage Card.

Please click on this link for a List of Heritage Sites with Credit Card facilities.

- The Heritage Card provides for free admission to all fee-paying State managed OPW Heritage Sites located throughout the country for one year from the date of first use (with the exception of Muckross Traditional Farms, Killarney).

At certain locations, parking facilities and ancillary services are provided by other bodies or agencies.