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If, instead, I log the interviews myself, I could selectively summarize and/or skip some sections altogether. For most every interview I conduct, I strap on headphones to watch and transcribe every frame of every conversation I record. The next phrase often begins with a qualifier, like, “you might not agree, but…” or, “are you with me? ” Dialogue with those incremental touchstones reflects reality: Most of us spill our guts slowly and ever so reluctantly. Sentences spoken in less than the King’s English are usually a far better reflection of a subject’s meaning and intent.

When your story’s vehicle is video, you have little choice but to record every conversation you can. Like, I’ll never forget – actually, my mom passed away in 2012. In a typical back-and-forth conversation, the subject makes a statement and then measures its impact.

Our rambling conversations switch tense, switch gears, switch directions. And nothing rings less true – in fiction or nonfiction – than articulate dialogue.

Ricky Gervais's most controversial ever character Derek arrived on TV last night in his primetime full-series debut.

Louis poses for a portrait in a home on Lindenwood Avenue while doing repairs for a client Thursday morning in St. Regna, the owner of a handyman company called Scott At Your Service, has found it tough to get enough work to support himself and provide for his two children.

"I've been working since I was fifteen years old and I'm not afraid of a hard day's labor," says Regna, "it's just not there anymore." Photo by Johnny Andrews | [email protected] 23 2011- "I pray every morning," said Alfreda Lewis of St.