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Will Ladybug be able to bring her lover and partner back?

This will include plenty of fluff from the Love Square, and lovely, cutesy friendship too!Robb Daddy - Po mpelq Baboo Darabuka ft Dj Benity ft Mimo Lyrical Son ft Mc Kresha - Hey Girl Shyhrete Behluli - Mire Po Lujka Nu Aferdita Demaku ft.Dona Janova - K KOBRA - Shisha Valbona Halili ft Aranit Hoxha ft S Fifi - Limonat Noizy - 100 Kile Getinjo - Sexy DULI - Dashnija e vjeter Mixey ft.When the wizarding world was ruled with chaos and terror by the powerful Dark wizard Hawk Moth, two Chosen Ones were prophesied: the lucky ladybug and the unlucky black cat, the wielders of the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous.It was said that they would save the wizarding world and defeat Hawk Moth once and for all.