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I remember that night fondly, even though my feminist sensibilities cringe a little now.

For me, that costume was a form of sexual experimentation.

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When I was an undergraduate at Georgetown University in the early 1990s, my roommate and I dressed up like prostitutes for Halloween.

We bought fishnets, wore our tightest, sexiest clothes and sauntered out like we were the hottest girls alive.

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It has a lot less to do with excitement or attraction than with checking a box on a list of tasks, like homework or laundry.What I don’t like about the reselling to human beings is giving out my actual phone number to negotiate prices and setting up meets to make the exchange.In most cases, I will never interact with these people again, but the thought of somebody I don’t know having the same number that I call my “Momma” with doesn’t sit well with me.I chose to dress sexier than I ever had and to stretch the boundaries of what I considered acceptable.And back then, I didn’t know anyone else who had done it.