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The mummies have been preserved either naturally or by an embalming process.

Ranging from a priest’s daughter to a temple singer, their lives spanned a 4,000-year period.

Some may think the behaviour of ancient Egyptians is far removed from that of the modern world but when it comes to the basics of love, sex and marriage, their behaviour is rather familiar.

They displayed the same doubts, fears and motivations, and all that separates the ancient Egyptians from the modern world is how such emotions were acted upon.

But it turns out that there’s not much respect going on with corpses.

Sex has become too central in this modern-day society – or so the conservatives have thought.

What not a lot of people realize is that sex is even more bizarre in the ancient times than today’s standards.

In the modern world, ‘sex sells’ and can at times be considered gratuitous or even taboo.

This idea of sex as taboo can be seen as a throwback to the Victorian era, which in itself was a reaction to the lascivious behaviour of the Georgians.