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It's free and fun, what more can you ask from a game?

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If you can't find and meet a Thai woman from one of these sites your either really not trying or there is something seriously wrong, I garuntee you'll meet a Thai girl on these sites for sure.

Online dating sites arn't the only way to meet Thai women either, some of the best places to meet thai girls don't even include the internet.

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It just makes it so much easier, and if your in Thailand it makes sense not only for dating but also to make the relationship much tighter.

Things to know before you turn to online dating to meet Thai women are that you shouldn't trust anyone never send money to anyone and always protect yourself.

If someone asks you to buy them anything then you need to think about what I'm telling you now is that people are out there to scam you no matter if it's an English site or a Thai language site there are people there waiting to scam money from you so you need to think about what your doing and so No!

- See people on the App- Let them know you Like them by 'Like'ing them.- Start talking It’s as simple as that.

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