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Starck told officials around p.m., she checked on the boy and noticed his lips were turning blue, his skin pale and he wasn't responding to her.

Prosecutors say Starck's boyfriend called 911 and first responders used Narcan to revive the child.

All district board policies are available for student/parental review in the office. Elementary (Pre-K-6) students will enter the building and store their belongings and then meet other classmates at their designated table in the cafeteria.

Many policies specifically address rules of this handbook in more detail. Breakfast will be served for those wishing to eat starting at a.m.

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Work continually for self-improvement in all tasks that confront you.

Around p.m., Starck said she saw her son on the kitchen table with the syringe.

When she went to take it from him, she saw liquid on the floor and on the table so she "assumed he didn't ingest any." Starck's then put the child down to sleep.

“Safe Homes” were established in the community for women and children in need of escaping violent situations.

Advocacy and counseling services were also established. 1983: The HELPline expanded and purchased a call diverter that made it possible for trained volunteer operators to provide 24-hour crisis phone service in their homes after office hours.