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Staring off into the distance cigarette perched between his lips, Garret Hedlund looks exactly how a leading man of the big screen should in new shoot for Man Of The World Magazine Leaving where he was expected to following in his father's farming footsteps to live with his mother at 14 in Phoenix, Arizona, the Tron star would soon be on his away to Los Angeles in a beaten up truck with little savings.

Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield (which we'll get to in seconds, promise) weren't the only buzzed about stars at HBO's Golden Globes after-party.

Author Hillary Jordan said that her novel, which was adapted for the screen by Virgil Williams and Rees, was loosely based on her own family, whose stories of owning a farm in the Deep South were passed along to her when she was growing up.

Rees said, “There was a lot of there” in Jordan’s book, and she was eager to “explode it out” for the screen.

In London, 80 pages." As a high school student in Arizona, Hedlun recalls, "I'd hang out at the Borders Bookstore until it closed and then I would stick the book back on the shelf until the next day. No one was going to buy three copies of [Charles] Bukowski's by the next afternoon." PHOTOS: Kirsten Dunst and other women who dated Jake Gyllenhaal The closet bookworm adds, "I felt I gained something that nobody else who had to read it in school got, because I realized all this stuff on my own instead of a teacher saying, ' What do you think so-and-so meant in this moment?

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; the two were first linked in the beginning of 2012.

Director: Angelina Jolie Interviews with actors David Duchovny, Ed Harris and Garrett Hedlund.

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