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“In no way am I saying what I did was right but I can promise that it wasn’t what others made it out to be. Since then she has been silent about Jeremiah on social media. Allot of what you said is pretty illegal and I will not stop and spend every money I have until something is done to stop my name,jeremiahs name,our kids,loved ones from coming out your and you’re posse mouths, stalking,cyber stalking,slandering. How the hell you find that much time to make new profiles.. Hi, my name is Carmela and I am making this video to tell people to leave us alone.

Me and Carmella have worked through it and will stand strong til the end.” “Just wanted to say I’m fully aware of what happened,” Carmela added. t till your stinky ass mouth didn’t shut up.” Ashley then unleashed a series of since-deleted tweets directed at Jeremiah in which she said she planned to release “every sexual harassment message and picture from Jeremiah Raber.” She shared some details of a couple of alleged incidents that happened before ending her tirade by calling Jeremiah a “pathetic sexual harassing asshat.” More than a week passed and someone asked Ashley about what happened. Meanwhile, Jeremiah’s wife Carmela Raber has been anything but silent! If you need to contact my attorney his name is John vomacka. As far as I know hacking is illegal, watching us at our business is considered stalking. People keep making fake profiles, messaging me, telling me that my husband is cheating on me. So, for the one that says she has all these messages that she cannot produce, let it go.

Aoki is renowned for his pandemonium-inducing sets, including headliner slots at the major summer music festivals throughout the world as well as prestigious residencies at mega-clubs in Las Vegas and Ibiza.

Shooting to prominence when his debut single 'Pass Out' hit No.1, his imimitable party rousing style has helped him earn an incredible seven UK No.1s.

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Easter is also the best time to try the signature dish torta pasqualina, a savoury pie made with 33 layers of pastry – one for each year Jesus lived.

Buy a ticket on the bus, which includes a connecting bus or metro ticket. A taxi should cost €21 to most city-centre destinations.

This is the best option late at night because the area around Principe station is a little unsavoury after dark.