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In some areas, authorities have distributed cartoon guides, to "educate" migrants that sexual assault is not acceptable (right).

Two German police officers have been removed from their posts after they failed properly to provide emergency assistance to a woman who was raped by a migrant in Bonn.

In many instances, individuals who are arrested for sex crimes are released after questioning from police.

This practice allows criminal suspects to continue committing crimes with virtual impunity.

It has also seen an explosion in the number of brothels, with an estimated 400,000 women now working in them to service the one million German men who visit them each day - a number five times that of the UK.

Directed by Edward Watts, a man more used to investigating the realities of life in places like Gaza or the journeys of Somalian refugees as they make their way to Europe, it goes behind the scenes at Paradise - and not all is as you might expect. But the rewards, earnings of up to €8,000 a month, are enough to bring women flocking to the club, with marketing manager Michael Beretin telling the Channel 4 cameras that he gets up to 50 CVs a day.

During the month of July 2016, hundreds of German women and children were sexually assaulted by migrants (see Appendix below). Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools and public restrooms. Dozens of women and children have been assaulted by migrants at summer festivals and public swimming pools — staples of ordinary German life.

The government has been facing a rising voter backlash to the open-door migration policy, including public protests (left).

Gatestone Institute first reported Germany's migrant rape crisis in September 2015, when Merkel opened up the German border to tens of thousands of migrants stranded in Hungary.

One night last year, Sally Abazeed, a 20-year-old refugee from Syria, was desperate to get out of the stuffy, crowded shelter where she was staying in Berlin.

So, when a security guard asked if she wanted to accompany him to get a kebab, she accepted. But on the way to the shop, the man started flirting: “Tell the La Ge So [Regional Office for Health and Social Affairs] you’re going to move in with me,” he said, grabbing her hand and kissing it.

Germany is effectively under siege; public spaces are becoming increasingly perilous.

Police have warned about a potential breakdown of public order this summer, when young male migrants are likely to see women lightly dressed.