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You'll both go and make jokes about how you're having a "cheeky Nandos" together (rofl) and laugh about how funny and ironic you both are.

Then you'll go home for a long, hard Netflix sesh.

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He can swirl it around and pretend he's in that gentlemen's smoking room on the Titanic. Help make his sparse (former) bachelor pad more homey and infinitely more adorable.__What are you planning to get your guy for Valentine's Day?

Option #5 – Just stop being a baby and ask if he fancies doing something Maybe we're just reading too much into all this Valentine's nonsense, TBH… Here's a list of ideas for the early stage boyfriend, the guy you can't quite buy a Larsson and Jennings watch for yet (because it'll freak him the f*ck out), but that you're hoping to do just that for next year ;););).

Everyone knows Nando's is the IDEAL place for an early stage boyfriend date.

For the man whose tastes run a bit more avant-garde (maybe you’re dating Alessandro Michele), there are floral motifs, too. ) way of encouraging your boo to work out sans gym membership.

Just stick it in a doorway and watch him activate all those tiny, little stabilizer muscles. Objectively the most addictive chip (Ri Ri agrees), now you can portion out his vice with 50 one-ounce bags — read through the comments on Amazon and you’ll see that most come from people who gifted this to a grateful boyfriend.